18 Months for preparing robbery

By Today Newspaper

GREAT BAY – The Court in First Instance sentenced 21-year old Shawn Emmanuel benders to 18 months of imprisonment for his role in the preparation of a robbery at a jewelry store on Front Street on July 29. The robbery never took place, because the robbers were spotted in a timely manner.

Benders was driving a green car with heavily tinted windows on Front Street that day. The car had no number plates. A security-conscious passerby spotted the car and called the police because he thought the driver was behaving suspicious. There were also two men on scooters circulating nearby, but when the riders noticed that their timing was off, they made their escape. The bike patrol surrounded the car and arrested Benders.

The court ruled that Benders was in the vicinity of the store the men intended to rob, driving a stolen car with which he had to protect the robbers.

In 2010, Benders was as a 16-year old sentenced for an armed robbery. “The supervision by the Court of Guardianship and following a mentorship apparently did not help,” the court noted.

Source: 721 news 18 Months for preparing robbery