4 masked men robbed Hublot Geneve store

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten – The business fraternity of Philipsburg was once again impacted by crime on Monday morning. This time the jewelry store named Hublot Geneve was the victim.

Initial reports state that a light blue to greenish colored jeep was used to transport four robbers who jumped out of the jeep and proceeded to smash the showcase of the jewelry store stealing the contents. It is also said that they conducted a robbery inside of the store with the use of firearms before casually driving away from the crime scene.

Reports further state that the robbers drove towards the district of Pointe Blanch where they made their escape.

The police was called in and responded by sealing off the access and exit to Pointe Blanche, they also sealed off the exit from Philipsburg towards Sucker Garden. All vehicles leaving Pointe Blanch were being searched by the police on Monday morning.

Chief Police Inspector Ricardo Henson told our news room on Monday morning that the police are conducting an investigation of the robbery to establish the details of the crime. He could not provide further information.
Source: 721 News 4 masked men robbed Hublot Geneve store