*** 5 VIDEOS ***: Alleged child molestation of 3 young girls cause big fight on Back Street


This destruction on Gabriel car was done by Nacauri families
This destruction on Gabriel car was done by Nacauri families

PHILIPSBURG – On Friday, around 8:30pm a big fight started among family members, who accused a man named “Gabriel” of molesting 3 young girls over a period of 4 years.

One of the little girl’s mother saw the man, whom she’d filed an official complaint against back in July 2016, for molesting her daughter since she was 6 years old. With her daughter now 10 years old, when the mother saw the man, she lost her cool and started to verbally abuse the man.

This destruction on Gabriel and Chikito mom house was done by Nacauri families

The man, identified by the family of the mother, as Gabriel retaliated by verbally abusing the mother, and then threatening her with a machete. In defense, the mother threw a beer bottle at the man. Family members reported to 721news that Gabriel rushed at the mother, and that is when her stepfather came at Gabriel in defense of her daughter. This is when everything turned sour.

To understand the situation, 721news will explain how the family is related to each other. There are two groups. The first group is the family members of the molested child (victim). They are from the victim’s father’s side.

In this group Gabriel’s is the step-grandfather, who is accused of molesting the little girl. Gabriel is the partner of grandmother (father side) of the child. Gabriel has been accused of molesting two of the grandchildren from two children of the grandmother (father side).

solange-house-4An official complaint was filed by both parents back in July / August of this year, at the Juvenile Department of KPS. Up to this date, the accuser was never arrested and never questioned.
The Police and the Prosecutor’s Office never contacted the two parents to inform them of the outcome of the investigation.

The two sets of parents – a daughter and son Chikito – are the children of the grandmother, who has a live-in relationship with Gabriel.

This destruction on Gabriel and Chikito mom house was done by Nacauri families
This destruction on Gabriel and Chikito mom house was done by Nacauri families

The second group is the family members of the molested girl’s mother, whose name is Nicaudi. Nicaudi is now in police custody together with the stepfather. Nicaudi and Chikito are the molested little girl’s parents, and both were arrested on Friday evening, together with Nicaudi’s mother and stepfather, making it 4 who were arrested.

A family member told our newsroom all of this bacchanal could have been avoided if the Juvenile Department had continued with the investigation and questioned Gabriel. However, they did not, and this frustrated Nicaudi, and Friday night’s chance encounter with Gabriel was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Click here for the first story that was published in July 2016 by sxmislandtime.com.

When police “Alfa Team” arrived

Chikito’s younger sister has a relationship with a police officer, who is part of the Alfa Team. He was called in by that younger sister, and was notified that an altercation was taking place on Back Street by her mother’s house with Nicaudi.

The police officer, who arrived at the scene, according to eyewitnesses, went straight to Nicaudi and started to verbally abuse her. He went so far as to hit and ill-treat her. The police officers who came as back up lost complete control of the situation and started to use excessive force.

Members of the public were shocked to see the Alfa Team lose control this way, and started to record the incident, and what can be considered as police brutality. One young lady was targeted by a police officer, who was so out of control, he stopped with assisting his other colleagues to jump onto the porch of the lady, who was filming and ran behind her into her house. He started searching for her phone, but a female officer, who was trying her best to bring the situation under control, responded quickly by rushing into the house and pulling this officer out.

This a clear violation of a member of the public’s right to record what is happening. The officer also acted illegally by entering private property without a warrant, and searching for the phone, also without a warrant. All of this was captured on 3 videos and published on social media.

In some of the video, you can see a close-up of police kicking the father Chikito and pushing Nicaudi’s stepfather. Another video shows the police officer, who has a relationship with Chikito’s younger sister hitting Nicaudi. He apparently did not know who to help and was going from one scene to the other.

backstreet-fight-007An eyewitness, who was interviewed by 721news, said the police officers did not know what to do. In the melee, they lost a police radio, and the detective accused Nicaudi’s mother, and held her for stealing the police radio.

In a video you can see that police left their batons, and proceeded to use their hands and feet to punch and kick. In that same video you can see the batons on the ground. So it could be that the radio could have fallen, and they could not find it.

The direct families of Nicaudi, her mother and stepfather contacted lawyer Shaira Bommel, late Saturday evening, to look into this matter. A close family member of Nicaudi confirmed to our newsroom that the lawyer visited with them and has multiple videos and pictures in her possession.

She also requested that anyone who has tape or pictures of that evening to contact Bommel as soon as possible.

640x360-KPS-police-logoPolice report has released this statement

Four arrested for fighting

PHILIPSBURG – Yesterday evening, November 11, at approximately 8:30pm, Central Dispatch was informed of a fight taking place involving several persons at an address on Back Street.

Several patrols immediately responded to the call where as a result four persons were arrested for public violence. All suspects were taken to the Police station where they were heard by the Acting Prosecutor.

The suspects are presently in preventive custody and detectives are busy with the investigation into this case.

Below you can see all 5 video that pop-up on Social Media

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