A.A.L. (18), M.G. (17), K.J.L. (21) and F.M.R. (17) accused for a series of robberies

Prosecutor’s Office Bulletin:

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The Prosecutor asked for jail sentences totaling 20 years for four male suspects during the criminal proceedings in the so called Zandhaver investigation on Wednesday June 15.

gas station (2)A.A.L. (18), M.G. (17), K.J.L. (21) and F.M.R. (17) are being accused for a series of robberies on the Dutch as well as the French side of St. Maarten leaving a trail of 20 victims.

  • Against A.A.L. the Prosecutor asked for six (6) years in jail, for
  • M.G. 4 years in jail for
  • K.J. l. 5 years in jail and for
  • F.M.R. 4 years in jail.

The Prosecutor also submitted an order to recover proceeds of crime for the amount of NAf. 7.500. This is the amount the robbers stole in cash during their robberies.

gas station (3)“Crime does not pay and we have to restore the situation as much as possible as it was before the robberies were committed”, the Prosecutor said.

The defense lawyers asked to declare the Prosecutor’s Office inadmissible regarding the robberies committed on the French side.

The Prosecutor opposed to this request stating among other things that the authorities on the French side did submit the necessary requests for judicial assistance.

The judge will give its verdict on July 6.

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Source: 721 News A.A.L. (18), M.G. (17), K.J.L. (21) and F.M.R. (17) accused for a series of robberies