Armed robbery suspects sentenced

~Prosecutor’s Office Bulletin~

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The Court of First Instance has sentenced suspect J.V.G. on Wednesday, June 8, to 40 months in jail, of which 10 months suspended, and a probation period of two years for illegally having bullets in his possession; fencing of jewelry originating from the Oro Diamanté armed robbery (Menam case); and committing an armed robbery.

These acts were all committed between June and October 2015. The Prosecutor’s Office had asked for a jail sentence of 4 years.

The victim of the robbery N.C. Wathey had also submitted a claim of US $21,107.10 on behalf of Global Distribution NV. The money stolen from him belonged to this company and was intended to pay the monthly salary of the workers.

The Court of First Instance granted this claim. The Prosecutor’s Office had also submitted an order to recover proceeds of crime pertaining to the robbery for the same sum of US $21,107.10.

“Crime doesn’t pay. We have to restore the situation as it was before the robbery was committed,” the Prosecutor said, motivating the order submitted. The Court of First Instance turned down this order based on the fact that the disadvantaged party had already submitted a claim for the same amount.

Source: 721 News Armed robbery suspects sentenced