Be The Change & Tech Hub Donate to Animal Defenders

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – As the end of 2015 approaches, members of the Be The Change Foundation are busy crowd funding for the foundation’s remaining Spotlight Projects. Funds raised during the month of October were dedicated to the very active non-profit organization: Animal Defenders St. Maarten Foundation for their project Compassion 4 Animals = Compassion 4 All.  Members who donate to Be The Change projects annually and monthly raised $1000 for the Animal Defenders, in addition to a $500 donation from the owners of Tech Hub electronic store located in Le Grand Marché Bush Road.

Animal Defenders St. Maarten is a nonprofit organization that functions solely off of donations and the dedication of its volunteers. They currently have 4 teams of volunteers that feed and take care of stray animals at several feeding stations located around the Dutch side of the island. Animal Defenders feeds approximately 100 or more dogs that eat about 2 50lbs bags of dry food each day. Aside from feedings, Animal Defenders’ other main focus is to have the strays spayed and neutered, among other treatments if necessary. Strays that are social enough are put up for adoption and others are reintroduced to their location/group where they can live out their natural life without adding to our island’s dog and cat overpopulation problem.

Animal Defenders currently has about 14 dogs of all sizes and breeds available for adoption. If interested please contact them at 553-3116 or simply share this information in order to support their cause that benefits us all.

To become a member of Be The Change Foundation and assist our island with its various social initiatives, please visit our

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