Blogger's trip to Aruba: Absolutely fabulous


ORANJESTAD, Aruba — Kenty Lichtenberg, the body, mind and soul behind the plus size blog Kerai Kreative Lifestyle, recently visited the island of Aruba on an endeavor to discover the Arubian plus size fashion sense and all that goes with it. “It turned out to be much more than I expected.

Aruba is in a way so much like Sint Maarten because of how welcoming people are, but also very different. In either case, it’s an ideal close to home destination for those fashion forward women who want something different”, says Lichtenberg.

Though her itinerary was full of previously made appointments for, among other things, radio interviews and store visits, she took the time to explore the island and see what

It has to offer to the visitor who is not directly seeking the beach. “The island was hosting the annual Soul Beach Music Awards that attracts large amounts of American visitors. I had the honor of attending the concerts with the cooperation of the Aruba Tourism Authority and the Minister of Justice. It is a huge event with many supporting activities and parties and it is now my dream to be able to organize trips to this event for our people in Sint Maarten. Just like many Arubians come to Sint Maarten for Carnival, I think it would be wonderful for us to visit Aruba for this event.”

Blogging is a relatively young phenomenon in Sint Maarten but many bloggers are taking the plunge into this world of opportunities. However, it’s not just about posting some pictures and random thoughts. “As a blogger, you need to be consistent. You need to choose your main subject, make sure you not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. You need to be approachable and maintain contact with your followers, and keep them engaged with your posts.”

Lichtenberg, although very focused and self-assured, never expected her blog and this trip in particular to be such a success. “I know people follow me and it is for them that I do the things I do, but still it humbles me when I realize it. One of the most memorable moments must be when a couple of ladies shouted from a car ‘Hello Blogger’ when they stopped to let me cross the street on the L. G. Smith Boulevard.” I had no idea who they were, but obviously somewhere they knew of my blog.

Lichtenberg would like to thank her sponsors on St.Maarten (T’s Closet, Plush Boutik, Weekender, Viva Signs,  Artistic Drive, Vanity First, Nelly’s Luxury Boutique, St.Maarten Guavaberry) and in Aruba Trash by Ronchi de Cuba, The Wine Room, Anastacia’s Facialism and the hospitality of Julie Julie From 105 Power FM that made this trip a possibility and

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Source: 721 News