BREAKING NEWS: Coast Guard intercepts boat suspected with drugs


SIMPSON BAY – On Sunday morning, January 22, after 11:00am police and Customs vehicles were seen driving towards Coast Guard headquarters in Simpson Bay, at a high speed.

It is presumed that the Coast Guard had intercepted a boat containing drugs.

721news contacted the Coast Guard, but they did not want to release any information as yet. Eyewitnesses in Simpson Bay told our newsroom that 3 people were seen being brought in by the Coast Guard, and a heavy bag was removed from the boat.

The arresting team was also involved in escorting the vehicles with the suspects, and what is presumed to be drugs, to the Police station in Philipsburg.

A boat was seen on the Coast Guard lift, and it is presumed that this is the boat where the suspects were arrested, and alleged drugs were found.

Source: 721 News