*BREAKING NEWS* [Video] Bold robber holds up Beach Plaza Casino without a mask

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/sxmpaparazzi/videos/1427896500554500/

PHILIPSBURG – A man who was sitting and gambling in Beach Plaza Casino in Philipsburg decided to rob the Casino on Monday, February 13, around 2:00am in the early morning hours.

According to video footage obtained by 721news, it clearly shows the man approaching the cashier, brandishing a gun and with a plastic bag in which he put an undisclosed sum of money. Remarkable was the man was not even wearing a mask.

Management of Beach Plaza Casino is asking anyone who recognizes this man to please contact the St. Maarten police at +1(721)542-2222 or call 911.

“These are the real crimes that police need to take seriously. These are the crimes that the justice system needs to take seriously. If someone can walk in with no mask, it shows that these persons are getting bolder, and have no respect,” Management of the Casino stated.

Police and detectives are busy investigating this case. As soon more information becomes available 721news will update our readers.

Source: 721 News https://721news.com/top-story/bold-robber-holds-beach-plaza-casino-without-mask/