Casino robber gets 6 years

By Today Newspaper

GREAT BAY – The Court in First Instance sentenced Kerby Degrammond to 6 years imprisonment for his role in an armed robbery at the Atlantis Casino in Cupecoy on November 16 of last year. Together with other robbers – disguised in women’s clothing – the 19-year old defendant made off with almost $29,000 in cash. During the robbery, a guard was shot in a leg.

The court established that the defendant had threatened a female cashier with a firearm by pointing it at her, while one of the other robbers shot the security guard.

The court held it against Degrammond that he has a rap sheet and that he was still on probation after an earlier conviction.

A psychologist declared the defendant fully accountable for his actions and he said that the risk that he will commit similar crimes in the future is high.

The court shared the opinion that the defendant ought to be re-educated “to instill standards and values as well as a sense of responsibility and discipline.” However, considering the lengthy prison sentence the court had in stock for the defendant, these issues will only become relevant in the context of a possible early release.

The court mitigated the prosecutor’s demand of 8 years, solely because of the defendant’s young age. His partners in crime received similar sentences earlier this year.

Source: 721 news Casino robber gets 6 years