Casino robber gets higher sentence op appeal

Source Today Newspaper
GREAT BAY – The appeals court sentenced Wilson Rafael Henry yesterday to 6 years of imprisonment for the robbery of the casino at the Great Bay Beach hotel on September 18, 2015. In a separate ruling, the court ordered the 40-year old defendant to pay back his financial gains from this crime, an amount of $42,302.
Henry and a second man robbed the casino of around $300,000. They threatened staff, bound them by their hands and their feet and ordered one of the staff members to open a secured door that gave access to the cash.
Henry denied during the appeals hearing on December 14, 2016 that he had anything to do with the robbery. He claimed that DNA-evidence against him was “planted by police officers” because he refused to answer their questions.
He claimed that he worked as a gypsy cab driver and that he had given a ride to a man who entered his car with two bags that later turned out to contain the money that was robbed from the casino.
When the police spotted his car after the robbery and wanted to speak to him,. Henry drove off at high speed. He caused an accident and fled further on foot. In the car, police officers found a large amount of money, but part of the loot was still missing.
In first instance, Henry was sentenced to 5 years, but the appeals court added a year to the punishment.

Source: 721 News