Controls on different location on Sint Maarten

Chief Prosecutor Mr Tom Maan

Chief Prosecutor Mr Tom Maan

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The Public Prosecutors’ Office and the Police Department are informing the public that general controls on different location on the island will continue.

Therefore the entire community is advised to, at all time, walk with proper identification. All drivers should make sure to have his/her valid drivers license while operating a motor vehicle, that the vehicle they are driving is in good working condition and all documentation that the vehicle requires are up to date and on hand in the vehicle.

This information is to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience in case they are stopped by police for control.

In addition to this information the Public Prosecutors’ Office is informing those persons who have not paid their outstanding fine(s) to have this settled as soon as possible. During the controls the officers will be checking on the list for those persons who have “unpaid fines”.

These fines will have to be settled before that person is allowed to continue. If someone who has outstanding fines intends to leave the island via the airport or seaport and their passport is swiped at the Immigration booth, it will also register that they have unpaid fines.

These fines will have to be settled before that person leaves on his/her trip. Fines can also be paid at the Receivers Office located on the Soualiga Boulevard and the Police Headquarters in Philipsburg. There is a swiping machine for a valid bankcard or credit card at the locations mentioned for anyone who wants to pay their fine (s).

This can be done at anytime during the day. Someone refusing to pay their fine could result in that person spending time in jail.

The total of outstanding fines that have been collected by the police department only for the month of January 2016 is approximately Fl. 8000,- guilders.

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