Court sends suspect home in mysterious court case

By Today Newspaper

GREAT BAY – The Court in First Instance sent 32-year old Calvin Beresford G. on his way yesterday afternoon and sent his case back to the Judge of Instruction, after his attorney Cor Merx convinced Judge Rick Smid that there was so much wrong with the investigation that it requires more research. G. was accused of shooting at a policeman during his arrest in June, a week after he had been the victim of a robbery.

Based on pictures, the attorney showed that there had been one shot, and that the bullet had hut the floor, before it probably ricocheted against a door jamb.

According to Merx, the prosecution presented the case in such a way that it looked as if G. had robbed himself. The orders to enter the defendant’s home and the order for an arrest were in different names, Merx told this newspaper.

“Incomprehensible that something like this can happen. This is a very mysterious case. You see stuff like that only in movies.”

The court had serious doubts about all the circumstances as well and it adjourned the case until an unspecified future date. Calvin G. spent six months behind bars, but the court ordered the termination of his pre-trial detention yesterday.

Source: 721 news Court sends suspect home in mysterious court case