Dominican Republic national is champion caller to country of birth

POND ISLAND – When it comes to making international calls on the TelCell mobile network, gas station attendant Pedro FriasCedeño is in a league of his own.

During the month of February, Pedro made a record number of calls to his home country, winning for himself a free return airline ticket so that he can visit friends and family.

The ticket was the winning prize in a TelCell contest organized in collaboration with InselAir and Sabor Latino lV in recognition of Dominican Republic Independence Day, which was February 27.

“We asked our post-paid and pre-paid subscribers to call the Dominican Republic as many times as they wished during the month of February with a promise to present free airline tickets to the Dominican Republic to the person making the most  pre-paid and post-paid calls, respectively,” said contest coordinator Grisha Marten.

She said a review of the call records on March 1, showed Pedro as the most frequent pre-paid caller to the Dominican Republic for the month of February.

Pedro explained that he has been charged with arranging land transactions with members of his family, who live all over the world and the result has been an unusually large number of calls last month to keep everyone informed.

The call records also pulled out the name of the TelCell subscriber who made the most calls post-paid calls, however, the caller’s wish to remain anonymous is being honored on this occasion for reasons that cannot be divulged.

Marten congratulated both winners and thanked them for taking part in the TelCell Dominican Republic Independence Day contest. She urged subscribers to look out for more TelCell SMS and promotional contests in the coming weeks leading up to Carnival and especially during the height of the island’s premier touristic attraction.

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Gas station attendant, Pedro FriasCedeño, made a record number of calls to the Dominican Republic in an Independence Day contest hosted by TelCell during the month of February and won for himself a return ticket home, presented here by contest coordinator Grisha Marten.

Source: 721 news Dominican Republic national is champion caller to country of birth