Firefly Family starts fireworks sales Thurs, warns about illegal re-sellers


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — It’s that time of year again for Firefly Family Fireworks to facilitate the “color and noise” with its annual firework sales, this year from a new location. The company, known for its safe re-sale of fireworks and strict adherence to regulations, will commence with the sale of fireworks on Thursday, December 29 from 12:00pm until 7:00pm. The sale of fireworks will continue on December 30 and 31 or until supplies last.

Sales on Friday and Saturday will run from 10:00am until 6:00pm. The brightly clad team will occupy a new location for its activities, moving away from the open area next to the Little League Ballpark. This year, the sales point will be on the Ring Road across from the Great Bay Sports Auditorium. The move offers more convenience for the public, a shorter walk and great visibility for Firefly.  Consumers won’t be able to miss the location as it will be decked out in bow-flags bearing the company’s branding.

Customers, who have to be 21 years of age or older to make a purchase, can expect some old favorites but also new fun products. Firefly has expanded its variety to include more 500 gram repeaters assorted packs. These are an array of fireworks that consumers need only light once and stand back to watch the show. The repeaters are perfect for consumers that want a big colorful display with the convenience of only having to light a wick once.

Firefly also provided many companies with bigger rolls of firecrackers to light on New Year’s day to signal the end of the year at their place of business. This has long been an Antillean tradition, now brought back by Firefly. These larger rolls are only on sale for companies. There are the smaller 1,000 slot rolls of firecrackers for the regular consumer.

There are also family/children friendly assortments available that include, but are not limited to, rockets of all sorts, sparklers of different shapes, roman candles and more. Firefly stressed however, that although some of its products are safe for minors to handle under adult supervision, no minor will be sold any fireworks. All fireworks of all shapes and sizes must be purchased by persons 21 and older.

Any company or individual consumer that wishes to contact Firefly can do so by calling Collins Arrundell at +17215226099.

  Black Market  

Firefly Representative Michanou Arrundell has also raised the alarm over the sale of what she termed black market fireworks. She explained that it was brought to their attention that two unknown individuals were openly using Facebook (not under their real names) to advertise the sale of fireworks, encouraging people to contact them.

Arrundell said Firefly immediately notified the authorities about this situation which can become a dangerous one if fireworks are not sourced properly. She said Firefly is meticulous in following all requirements as laid down by law about the purchase, import and sale of fireworks. Others, she said, are not vigilant in this regard and this lack of responsibility could be life threatening.

Firefly is urging consumers not to purchase fireworks from any reseller who has not followed regulations. “You don’t know if they are old or new, you don’t know where they came from and therefore you don’t know if it is safe. With Firefly you know you are purchasing new, safe products that passed all screening and inspections. Do not put your life and that of your friends and family at risk,” Arrundell said.

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Source: 721 News Firefly Family starts fireworks sales Thurs, warns about illegal re-sellers