GIFTED commends St. Maarten Academy PSVE’s Business Day

EBENEZER – On Friday, March 4, the St. Maarten Academy PSVE hosted their Business Day for their Administration and Commerce students.

President of GIFTED Foundation Lenworth Wilson, Jr. was keynote speaker for the occasion’s opening. After sharing his motivational speech, the events unfolded many innovative and delectable items produced by the students of the Vocational Education School.

According to Wilson, “this (Business Day) was a great event – inspirational and refreshing to see these students rise to a standard of excellence in their crafts and talents. The inventions were inspirational, their presentations were superb and food was great!”

GIFTED congratulated management and staff of the St. Maarten Academy PSVE, particularly the organizers of this activity on a successful day. All student innovators and entrepreneurs are encouraged to continue to make their positive mark on the community and to be world changers.

Source: 721 news GIFTED commends St. Maarten Academy PSVE’s Business Day