HE the Governor of St. Maarten drs. E.B. Holiday visit Milton Peters College

HARBOUR VIEW – On February 18, His Excellency the Governor of St. Maarten drs. E.B. Holiday paid a working visit to Milton Peters College (MPC). Upon arrival he was received by management of the school Joseph Rogers, Wim de Visser, Naomi Richardson, Ivette Franca and Vital Carty. The focus of the visit was to interact with students on the importance of education, and their place in the community.

Governor Holiday’s visit centered on the class he gave to exam students about civic responsibility defined as: “Our duty to make a positive contribution to our country.” In speaking on the topic, “The importance of civic responsibilities,” he pointed to the interdependence of the community, and addressed the students on how they can contribute to their families and country.

In doing so, he introduced students to their fundamental rights and freedoms as outlined in the constitution, and the need to protect these rights and freedoms. Highlighting the importance of education, he stressed that it is the student’s responsibility to attend school and get an education. He encouraged students to make use of their fundamental right to education, and emphasized that getting an education is a necessary start to meeting their civic responsibilities to contribute positively to their community.

Governor Holiday concluded the session with the students by stating: “that the progress of our society requires a balance between our rights and freedoms, on the one hand, and our civic responsibilities as citizens, on the other.”

He also visited several classes in the academic and vocational sections of the school and interacted with the students on subject matters, such as math, language, science and technology, and his experiences as a former MPC student.

Governor Holiday applauded the students and teachers in the Carpentry program. He was particularly impressed with the furniture and the 27ft sail boat, which the students had built.

Source: 721 news HE the Governor of St. Maarten drs. E.B. Holiday visit Milton Peters College