Human smuggling trial postponed until March

GREAT BAY – Judge Peter Lemaire postponed the trial against six suspects in a human smuggling case yesterday until March 2, because one attorney was ill, a second attorney had been unable to review phone taps and the client of the third attorney did not show up until after the judge took his decision.

Adre P.P. (58), Jean Maurice D. (49), Mainardy F.V. (32), Thovar F. (50), Levis D. (55) and Kerlin C. (42) are all accused of being members of a criminal organization.

With the exception of Adre P.P. and Fana V, who were born in the Dominican Republic, all suspects are from Haiti.

Attorney Zylena Bary was absent due to illness. Attorney Geert Hatzmann was the only one ready to proceed yesterday for his client Adre P.P., but prosecutor Maarten Noordzij announced that he wanted to deal with all suspects in one go. The court agreed.

Source: 721 news Human smuggling trial postponed until March