Inspectorate closes Caribbean Cinemas Megaplex Theatres food facilities

By The Daily Herald

COLE BAY, Sint Maarten –The Inspectorate of Public Health closed the two food facilities in Caribbean Cinemas Megaplex Theatres for a string of health violations during a joint random inspection on Thursday evening.

Closed are the Megaplex concession stand and the restaurant located near the game room in Megaplex.

Caribbean Cinemas Marketing Director Mayra C. Ramírez said in an invited comment that the inspection at its food facilities had been conducted around 8:30pm Thursday, the establishment was in the process of “correcting certain violations” and “the concession stand should re-open on Saturday afternoon after a re-inspection of the facilities.” She said the Cinemas’ movie presentations would continue uninterrupted.

Public Health Inspector-General Dr. Earl Best told The Daily Herald the concession stand and the restaurant had been shut down after inspectors found infestation of pests such as cockroaches, dirty filters, staff not having food handlers’ certificates as required by law and leakage in the storage area, amongst other things. The two eateries will be able to reopen once they have taken corrective measures.

In addition, the men’s and women’s bathrooms in the facility were found in what Best described as a deplorable state. He said there were inoperable faucets, tiles out of place and generally deplorable conditions of the bathrooms. The facility was advised that the problems with the bathrooms had to be rectified.
The Inspectorate had been receiving complaints from the public about the bathrooms and other concerns about the facility. Dr. Best said too that Megaplex had been warned in the past about these infractions.

In addition to the Inspectorate, VROMI, Social and Health Care Insurance SZV and Immigration participated in the control. It could not be ascertained immediately whether the other organisations that participated in the controls also found violations.

The Health Inspectorate has been very busy since the year began and already had closed two other restaurants in the past two weeks, at least one of which has since reopened.

Source: 721 news Inspectorate closes Caribbean Cinemas Megaplex Theatres food facilities