Investigations into joint controls not taking sides with businesses

PHILIPSBURG-Prime Minister William Marlin said the decision of the Council of Ministers to suspend the operations of the Multi-Disciplinary Team is not taking the side of the businesses that have been complaining about the manner in which the operations have been conducted.

He pointed out that the government does not have the facts surrounding the incidents reported in the media and as such would have to investigate the matter. He plans to inquire into these reports, and this should not be seen as taking sides with businesses.

“The control unit, if they have a job to do, they should be given the space to do their job, but it is how the job is done,” the Prime Minister said.

“If these things are happening, is there something wrong for government finding out from those who are carrying out their investigations as to why these things happen or do not happen?” Marlin asked rhetorically.

The Maho Group of Companies, in a newspaper report, complained about the manner in which the controls had been conducted on its premises by the multi-disciplinary team. According to them, the joint controls were conducted in an aggressive manner, and guests were intimidated. They also argued that an officer refused to show his identification when requested, and that management was not notified of this activity.

Marlin was also keen to point out that suspending the controls, especially as it relates to the violation of rules in operating a business, is not supporting the businesses to continue operating illegally. “That’s not the way government wants to go or will go. Neither are we saying that if you don’t have the proper licenses that you should continue to operate…it is wrong if a company is violating rules and they are not operating in accordance with their documentation,” he said.

The joint inspections are being led by the Justice Ministry’s Immigration and Border Protection Service, and included the Health Inspectorate, Social and Health Insurances SZV, the Fire Department, Economic Affairs, Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure VROMI, and the Inspectorate’s Labour divisions.

The Inspectorate of Public Health declared it will continue controls as it relates to compliance with food safety standards.

Source: 721 news Investigations into joint controls not taking sides with businesses