Lee investigates cases of youth falling ill

PHILIPSBURG – Minister of Public Health Emil Lee dispatched a team of persons of the Collective Preventive Services (CPS) under the leadership of Dr. Asin to assess and investigate complaints regarding several young people, who were participating in the Leeward Islands Debate competition, becoming ill during the past 2 days.

Most of these persons were staying at the Maho Reef Resort, but some residents reportedly also fell ill.

The Minister was apprised of the situation on Friday evening, February 26, by President of Parliament Sarah Wescott-Williams, who was at the event.

Lee has already received the first briefing by his Department, and Wescott-Williams has requested that he urgently inform Parliament of the initial findings by letter, and subsequently keep Parliament informed of developments and ongoing investigations.

Lee has also immediately involved and mobilized the Inspectorate of Public Health. Wescott-Williams has expressed her sincerest regrets, and wishes all those affected the best, and a speedy recovery.

Source: 721 news Lee investigates cases of youth falling ill