LETTER to EDITOR: The gift of thankfulness

Showing thankfulness to others has minimally two outcomes. The person being appreciated feels encouraged to keep doing what they’re doing. And the person being thankful, increases seeing positive things to be thankful for.

As a parent, being appreciative towards our children, by celebrating their individuality strengthens them, makes them happy and improves their own view of themselves. Saying to your child that “I am happy to be your parent,” “You are so special,” You know you are great at…” builds relationship and identity.

When you work for and work with others, showing appreciation to them for the (extra) effort being done by a team member increases the likelihood of there being more triumphs to celebrate together.

The gift of thankfulness is, in my opinion, not valued in a proper light. Some think that it takes much to say “thank you,” and “you did a great job” in situations that aren’t mandatory. For instance, proper protocol will be followed when a dignitary is in attendance at a function. The dignitaries in attendance will be welcomed and thanked for their work or support.

Being appreciative by holding and speaking of others in high regard (intangible), showing gratitude in gift giving (tangible) are honorable things to do. However, though honor is a part of being thankful, it shouldn’t just be left for those who are in office.

The gift of thankfulness is best unwrapped and enjoyed daily. We should not let one day go by without grasping how good we have it. And thereby be moved to say “Thank you” to the Divine, and to others we come in contact with.

Thank you,

Dairon I.E. Reijna

Source: 721 news LETTER to EDITOR: The gift of thankfulness