Minister Jacobs willing to work toward building the NIPA Institution

Philipsburg, Sint Maarten – Minister Silveria Jacobs attended the first graduation ceremony of the NIPA at the institution on Monday evening. The graduation, which was held on Monday November 30th, featured 12 LPN nurses with recognized, accredited diplomas being pinned by several of their instructors and supervisors at the various care institutes.  Also graduating were 3 secretarial and 1 bookkeeping student.  All students started in the former SBO classes offered by secondary high schools on the island.

The Minister commended the students for their diligence, determination and dedication to hard work and the courage and patience to face all the obstacles and challenges that were placed on their paths towards realizing their dreams. She also encouraged them to use the lessons learned from the challenges they had conquered to succeed in life as they looked to achieve new goals.  Congratulations were also extended to the families and loved ones for the necessary support for the students to be able to work and study at the same time.
Instructors, administration, management and staff as well as staff within the Ministry were commended for helping the students to achieve this milestone despite the many challenges being faced by the fledgling institution and government.  Minister Jacobs paid special tribute to the instructors and coordinators for their dedication and love in making a difference in the lives of the students. They were encouraged to keep up the good work.

Student speakers also paid an emotional tribute to their instructors and coordinators for their encouragement and patience as well as their dedication to seeing them succeed.

This graduation of the NIPA can be seen as a first step towards realizing opportunities for Sint Maarten students willing to professionalize themselves as they enter the work force.
Minister Jacobs pledged to cooperate with all stakeholders willing to work towards building NIPA to live up to its potential to provide opportunities for tertiary education for professional workers needed within our society.

Photo caption – Graduate Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Ms. Glenda Bryan being congratulated by Minister Silveria Jacobs & Chairman of the Advanced Vocational Education (AVE) Board Ms. Marcella Hazel, after receiving her diploma on Monday November 30th, 2015

Source: 721 news Minister Jacobs willing to work toward building the NIPA Institution