Minister Meyers insists Kim Sha land will be a parking lot

SIMPSON BAY-Minister of VROMI Angel Meyers has made it clear that nothing will hinder Government from moving ahead with plans to construct parking facilities for Kim Sha Beach in Simpson Bay.

In fact, the Minister made it clear during the Council of Ministers press conference on Wednesday, February 17, that the former VROMI Minister would held liable if he made any attempt to block the efforts of Government in executing this project.

“I was made aware lately that Tessy N.V. has placed a lien on the property. It is my intention to proceed with the development of the parking lot on the Kim Sha property,” Minister Meyers said.

Meyers had indicated earlier that the proposed land swap deal for Kim Sha Beach was not in the best interest of the island. He said then that the deal would contradict a decision of Parliament that the land would only be used to construct much needed parking for the area.

“The area is zoned for public parking. Government can of course change that if they so desire, but the way to do that is through Parliament,” Meyers said. He explained the way it was done by the previous government, who had written to developers telling them to develop the area, was not the correct procedure.

“You first go to the process of changing the purpose of the property, then you can transfer the property. (You do) not transfer the property and try to put Government into a corner… I will look at all avenues where the previous Minister can be held liable where that is concerned,” Minister Meyers said.


Source: 721 news Minister Meyers insists Kim Sha land will be a parking lot


  1. I fully agree with the Minister on tge proper procedure however we do not need a big ugly concrete box on the last piece of beach front area on Kim Sha beach!!