Multi-Disciplinary Team was deactivated on orders of Police management; armed robberies are escalating as MDT is no show

~ ….. At any moment it can cause someone’s life. ~

COLE BAY – Budget Marine located in Cole Bay was robbed, Wednesday, October 19, around 4:00pm by three robbers.

According to reports reaching 721news, two masked men entered the establishment. One had a gun, and the other went to the cashier and demanded the cash of the day. The third man stayed in the White Suzuki Vitara with license plate P-5458, and tinted windows.

The robber without the gun approached the cashier, jumped over the counter and demanded she give him the money. Then he demanded she open the second cash register. Under gun threat, the cashier was forced to open the second cash register to empty it.

On their way out the building, one of the robbers politely thanked the workers and customers by saying, “Thank you all for your cooperation.” Then they left the building in the white Vitara.

A customer who was at Budget Marine told 721news that the robbers entered via the exit door and seemed familiar with the location.

Police did not send any press release on this robbery. 721news has noticed that lately police are not reporting any armed robbery to the media. It is possible that this is a policy the Minister of Justice is implementing so that such news is kept out the press, so as not to affect the tourism industry.

The reality of the situation on the island is that nearly every day, two to three armed robberies take place. 721news can say that this started since KPS management took a decision to dismantle the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT).

Since the public is not seen the controls on a regular and unannounced time and place by the members of the MDT team these armed robberies has out of control. 721 News will conduct an investigation to reach to bottom of this. It almost high season and it seems like in-reasonable decisions are made.

The MDT has not been in operation since August 2016, however this does not mean that there are no police patrolling the island. According to a reliable source, KPS informed the Chinese community, in a meeting with them, that an increase in police patrols would happen. Since the MDT has become inactive, the number of armed robberies has increased drastically.

KPS Management will have to decide if they will reactivate MDT to operate as it did 4 months ago, or if a new system will be put in place, because presently no special team is active to curtail the armed robberies that are being reported practically every day.

Here is a ist of some Armed robbery that took place and no type of information was issue to the press. As we said it before the Police and Minister of Justice is keeping things secret to the Pubic and the Minister of Justice refuse to show up on Wednesdays in the Press Briefing meetings.

On Sunday October 16: Carl & Sons Colebay and Hong Kong restaurant Philipsburg was robbed.
Some of the not reported armed robberies:

  • Happy restaurant,
  • Sea breeze Chinese restaurant,
  • Four star Supermarket,
  • Fresh pond supermarket,
  • Subway pondfill,
  • Wah li cole bay,
  • Quality food supermarket cole bay,


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Source: 721 News Multi-Disciplinary Team was deactivated on orders of Police management; armed robberies are escalating as MDT is no show