Murder suspect remains in pre-trial custody


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suspect-1 Roberto B
Roberto B

GREAT BAY – The trial of Roberto B. who is charged with the murder of Alexandro Hodge on September 1 in Dutch Quarter will take place on February 15 of next year, the Court in First Instance decided yesterday morning.

The prosecution said that it could not handle the case yesterday because the investigation has not been completed yet.

Safira Ibrahim, the attorney of the 24-year old defendant, asked the court to terminate or suspend her client’s pre-trial detention.

Ali Hodge Alexandro Hodge from Dutch Quarter
The victim Alexandro “Ali” Hodge

“My client has nothing to do with this stabbing incident,” she said. “There is only one witness who points at my client and there is no supporting evidence. The blood found on his trousers was his own, as has been confirmed by a test by the Dutch Forensic Institute. He is also not visible on video footage.”

The prosecution maintained that there are serious objections against the defendant’s release and the court agreed. “I cannot judge guilt or innocence today,’ the judge said. “But I do find that there are still serious objections.”

One of the reasons for keeping the suspect behind bars is the risk of collusion now that the prosecution still has to hear a witness whom the prosecutor declined to name yesterday. “But the main reason for my decision is that you are suspected of murder.”

Alexandro ali Hodge

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Source: 721 News Murder suspect remains in pre-trial custody