National Reporting Bureau (NRB) for Human Trafficking meets with representatives of Guyana and Jamaica

GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) – The National Reporting Bureau (NRB) for Human Trafficking recently met with representatives of Guyana and Jamaica who represent those members who are part of the Sint Maarten community, and/or who provide consular services.

The NRB was established in 2013 and works closely with the Immigration and Border Protection Service which falls under the Ministry of Justice.  It is responsible forcombatting Human Trafficking and Smuggling in Sint Maarten.

The purpose of the meetings are to maintain an ongoing partnership with community groups that represent various nationalities residing in the country as well as with consular representatives.

In the meeting the NRB conveyed to the representatives the need to continuously strengthen ties with each minority group representative in the community, seeing that the representatives may have a closer relationship with their members.  In turn they can provide information to their membership about the NRB and also how they could assist in combatting human trafficking by being informed about the mechanism that is in place.

Some of the key topics discussed during the meeting were the NRB’s organization, its responsibilities and the human trafficking indicators that can be used if trafficking is suspected.

The main tasks of the NRB is to provide information on the risks of human trafficking and smuggling; taking care of the intake of victims of trafficking and providing them with protection such as giving a temporary residence permit; conducting a public campaign aimed at increasing public awareness and specific risk of the consequences of human trafficking and smuggling; channelling victims of trafficking and smuggling to health authorities and twinning partners and international organizations to enforcement staff in recognizing signs of smuggling and trafficking.

Individuals who are a victim of human trafficking can contact the authorities who will in turn issue the relevant temporary residence permit allowing them to remain in the country during a criminal investigation and ensuring legal proceedings.

To report suspected cases of human trafficking, call Tel.:  (721) 542-1553 or

All calls and emails are kept confidential!  The NRB office hours are from 8:00am till 17.00pm, Monday through Friday, and is located at A.Th. Illidge road #6, Phillipsburg.

PHOTO CUTLINE: L to R: NRB Communications Officer Rashirda Hughes, Marsha Thomas community representative (Jamaica), Consulate General Monique Jackman (Guyana), and former Consulate General Michael Brotherson (Guyana).


Source: 721 news National Reporting Bureau (NRB) for Human Trafficking meets with representatives of Guyana and Jamaica