Newborn abandoned: ~Mother released in Guadeloupe~


SAINT MARTIN/GUADELOUPE – Nearly a year ago, during Christmas 2015, American tourists discovered a newborn abandoned between Le Galion and Orient Beach in St. Martin. The cries of the child alerted the tourists, which led to the discovery of the little baby girl of Hispanic ethnicity.

An investigation was immediately opened to determine the conditions under which the abandonment took place. Thanks to CCTV images, the mother was quickly identified as a young woman of about 30, a native of the Dutch side, unemployed and already the mother of two children.

She was arrested a few weeks later. In early January 2016, it was ascertained that she sought to have French rights by quietly giving birth to the child in the French side hospital. However, due to administrative issues, she was unable to get the relevant documents for the child.

After the child was born, she abandoned the newborn, thinking it would die quickly, and sparing her the difficulty of acquiring the necessary paperwork, according to her. This explanation did not spare her from an indictment, and a provisional detention.

Since Thursday, November 3, however, the mother was still on trial, but was released after a new application filed by her lawyer, which was reviewed by the Appeal Court of Basseterre.

Since these events, the little girl has been placed in a home for such children, which is run by the County Council in Guadeloupe.




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Source: 721 News Newborn abandoned: ~Mother released in Guadeloupe~