One St. Maarten People Party: A time to share!

Philipsburg – As a young nation we are about to celebrate Christmas and  for many of us it means the buying of gifts for others and ourselves; it also means filling our house with food and drinks in the event family, friends and others pay us a visit. But have we given any thoughts about the unfortunates? Many of us don’t have the slightest idea about the many people who are going hungry every day and Christmas day will not be any different for them. Most of the times the invitations are given to those who already have and the unfortunates continue to suffer. In my opinion Christmas is supposed to be a time not only to share with your family and friends but emphasis should be placed on those who don’t have all year round. Let’s make this Christmas special for all our brothers and sisters by given in abundances to those that are in need. Invite that neighbor next to you or the one that lives on the same street with you to your Christmas lunch or dinner. Or better yet prepare a nice plate of the same food that you share with your family and friends and make their Christmas just as enjoyable as yours. Make them feel special by allowing them to enjoy the spirit of Christmas after all this is supposed to be a time of sharing with others.

This reminds me about a story that was told me by a good friend. He stated that on one Christmas day he was visited by an employee who had never been to his home before. But in the eyes of the employee who came from a large family all indications were that he was not invited by any of the family lunches or dinners but wanted to be amongst people he knew on that day. He said to me that he saw a sadness in that employee eyes that he would never forget for the rest of his life. But he came to realize that while he took it for granted and believed that every person in particular in St. Maarten was having a wonderful Christmas he was mistaken as there are many who go without food on that same day like the greater part of the year. He noted that many families shun those who may not be part of the elites, or may have some type of mental illness or simply made some wrong choices in their lives and continue to pay for those mistakes year in year out.

It is with this in mind that I want to wish the people of St. Maarten a Merry Christmas and to remind you to remember those neighbors; those homeless persons or those persons who are not your family but would like to be amongst people on this very special day. Fix a nice meal with a piece of pudding, tart and guava berry and make that person Christmas special this year. Merry Christmas St. Maarten and continue to share with the unfortunates all year round.

Source: 721 news One St. Maarten People Party: A time to share!