Pirates grab equipment from yacht leaving Trinidad

San fernando
A CREW on board a yacht sailing from Trinidad to Grenada was robbed of thousands of dollars worth in equipment last week.
According to information posted on the website “Caribbean Safety and Security Net” at <safetyandsecuritynet.com> the crew was attacked by “Spanish-speaking men”.
The online post from CSSN stated it received “first-hand” information from the captain of the yacht on the incident which occurred near the Trinidad Hibiscus gas platform on December 20.
According to the post, around midday, the crew of three was at work on board the 24-metre (72-foot) yacht sailing from Chaguaramas to Port Louis, Grenada, when near the gas platform, an 18-foot fishing boat with five men boarded their yacht.
The post stated: “The fishing boat had four blue barrels that the crew guessed was extra fuel. They had a 120 horsepower Yamaha outboard engine, and an additional engine laying on the boat’s floor. We were approached from the south astern by the men speaking Spanish, apparently asking for something. Once close to the yacht, one individual pulled out a military-type assault rifle and made it clear they were coming aboard. The crew was held at gunpoint the entire time.
“The pirates below deck proceeded to put the valuables in bags and luggage found inside the boat, and transport said bags into their dinghy. No shots fired. They were aboard for approximately 15 minutes and took money and electronics.”
The assailants returned to their boat with the loot and “returned from the direction they came”.
None of the crew members sustained injuries.
The crew of the yacht sailed to Grenada and reported the incident to the United States Coast Guard.
The incident was also reported to the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG), according to the website.
Yesterday however, public relations officer Lt Commander Kirk Jean-Baptiste said he had not been informed of the incident.

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