PM Marlin in Dominican Republic for inauguration

danilo and marlin 1DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Prime Minister (PM) William Marlin arrived in the Dominican Republic on Sunday, August 14.

Marlin is there leading the Kingdom delegation to the Presidential inauguration of President Danilo Medina. He is joined by Patrice Gumbs Jr. from the Department of Foreign Relations.

A state dinner on Monday night, August 15, opened the two-day ceremony, which culminated in the official inauguration of President Medina at the National congress today Tuesday, August 16.

On Wednesday morning, Prime Minister Marlin will sign an MOU with the Dominican Republic for cooperation in several areas including natural disaster management, education, and tourism, thereby underscoring the strong historical and cultural ties with the Dominican Republic.

danilo and marlin 2

Marlin and danio 3


  1. @shame on you.. I disagree with you. As Prime Minister (of any country), you have representative functions you must attend. You can simply not refuse the invitation of a caribbean head of state to attend his inauguration ceremony. That is an insult. Besides, we have a large Dominican community on Sint Maarten and maintaining good relations with the Dominican Republic is the proper thing to do and certainly not a waste of money. On top of that our Prime Minister Marlin represents the Kingdom on this particular function and considering our relations with the Dominican Republic, that makes perfect sense and should be something to be proud of. A waste of money is the many members or parliament traveling all over the world (at the expense of the people) in business class instead of economy class. Elected by the people but refusing to sit with the people.

  2. Great example by the Leader of Government on how to waste more of tax payer money. Instead of setting an example on being prudent with our tax money for his Government to follow, he goes and splurges on these non-sense trips that don’t result in one tangible thing for the SXM economy. Very shameful!