Police Officer Richmer York facing 12 years in jail

Richmar York

Richmer York

Philipsburg, Sint Maarten — Suspended Police Officer Richmer York had his day in court on Wednesday morning and started his self-defense argument while the prosecutor considered the case proven that it was planned.

York is believed to shoot Akeem Isidora on March 4 after an altercation with him.

The police officer was arrested on May 17 and has been detained. On Wednesday March 4 the defendant sought out Isidora in Belvedere. He was off duty and drove his private car.

Isidora was involved in a stabbing in 2010 that left 22-year-old Otmar Leonard dead. Facing ten years in prison for the stabbing the court acquitted Isidora, who was 17 at the time, of the crime in 2011.

The Minister of Justice was informed about the suspension of the police officer a week after the incident in March and agreed with the move by the police force after assessing the case.

Press Secretary Karola van Nie told 721news after the handing of the case today that, “the demand of the prosecutor was 12 years for manslaughter.

According to the prosecutor it was not a situation of legitimate self-defense. Despite the request of the defense for immediate release, the judge ordered that York will stay in pre-trial detention.

The judge will give his final verdict on the 18th of November,” the prosecutor stated.

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Source: 721 news Police Officer Richmer York facing 12 years in jail