Prime Minister Marlin Don’t Gamble with Sint Maarten’s Future

“I took the liberty to read Prime Minister Marlin’s New Year’s address and needless to say, I am delighted that he has finally left the BBQ gambling pit and only now realizing what is going on in Sint Maarten yet missing what has really happened in his absence.

“Prime Minister Marlin stated that he wants to open a help desk for the elderly, but little does he know or was not informed by Minister Lee, that former Minister De Weever already opened one.  In addition it also included the physically challenged.

“Secondly, he mentioned the Employment Fund which he still needs to figure out, but he should review the Employability Through Training Program which was started and executed by Minister De Weever and then mainstreamed into the regular work of labour and social affairs.

“Young and unemployed people need to be registered, assessed, upgraded, matched with an appropriate participating business and trained before being employed short-term and hopefully when that person applies themselves on the job they can be hired permanently.

“Financial and medical assistance has and can be provided to them during this period to assist them.  The laws are already there and the process is also in place so I doubt that in less than nine months anything will be done except making empty promises again.

“Prime Minister Marlin claims that his Employment Fund will address the nagging unemployment issue which he assured has increased.  I am kindly asking the good Prime Minister to check his facts because during my tenure unemployment actually decreased and it is documented even in the census report.

“Instead of just being critical, it is more important to be honest and acknowledge what has been done.  Even the media is critical at times and they too need to question what politicians are saying.  After all, they printed the stories of the opening of the Boasman helpdesk for the elderly and physically challenged, Employability Through Training along with the unemployment figures.

“We should all constantly be looking for ways to improve, educate and become more efficient and objective instead of gambling with Sint Maarten’s future.”

Source: 721 news Prime Minister Marlin Don’t Gamble with Sint Maarten’s Future