PSC launches new logo to commemorate 3rd anniversary

SIMPSON BAY – The Public Service Center Department (PSC) of the Ministry of General Affairs unveiled its newly redesigned logo to mark its 3rd anniversary, during a soft launch held on Wednesday, April 20.

“The logo was conceptualized in-house with the input of our creative staff members signifying our commitment to innovations and growth,” stated Head of the Department Emilia Thomas.  Furthermore, the PSC logo was designed with the concept of unification of information in the various sections of the governmental structure.

To illustrate further: “The intersecting yellow spheres abstractly represent the government offices. There are four yellow spheres. Two of the spheres contain the letters P and C, one letter in each sphere. Two smaller spheres act as satellites also symbolizing offices around the larger spheres. The green sphere in the center has the S for ‘service’ in it along with the St. Maarten crest. The green sphere is the grounding for the logo symbolizing the central location (PSC) in Government where information can be accessed. The typeface used for the text below the PSC symbol indicates a clear, clean and visible department, accessible to all,” she explained.

Thomas added: “as we reflect on our three years of existence, we have had the honor and privilege to serve over 62,746 customers to date. During these brief years, we have and continue to place emphasis on providing professional and efficient customer service.

To really capture the essence of a “one-stop shop,” the PSC will continue to assess the needs and requests of the public. Just recently a: “Certificate of Conduct” and an array of services from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry have been added to the list of popular services. “After all, this is what providing service to the public should be about,” Thomas added.

“We wish thank our customers for their patronage, patience and trust as we continue to unfold as a ‘one-stop’ shop for the Government of St. Maarten. Management would also like to take this opportunity to express sincere gratitude to the team of PSC, namely the Customer Care and Information Office, Civil Registry Department, the Tax Administration and Receivers Office for their continued commitment, dedication and professionalism. Management wishes to also acknowledge the integral roles the support departments under the Ministries of General Affairs and Finance have played during our progress,” Thomas concluded.




Source: 721 News PSC launches new logo to commemorate 3rd anniversary