Reopening of Public and Subsidized schools


PHILIPSBURG – After the passing of hurricane Irma, in efforts to ensure the reopening of our schools in a timely manner, and the wellbeing of students and teachers, the Minister of ECYS has met with the various school boards and Ministry ECYS, and has been assessing the damage of the various schools.

The technical assessment of the schools has been done, and the assessment of the wellbeing of the teachers, management and staff is ongoing with the Ministry ECYS in collaboration with the school boards, a target date has been determined for the reopening of some of the schools.  All students are of a priority, however, the exam and pre-exam have been identified, as a critical group and school will resume on October 2nd, 2017. The other classes and groups will start then as well as long as the schools are deemed ready for such.

Regaining a sense of normalcy will go a long way in helping to stabilize our communities, as well as give parents a sense of peace that their children are learning and well taken care of. However, the human component, namely wellbeing of our teachers, management, staff and students is a main priority before school can commence. Provisions are being made by Support Services divisions to provide the necessary care support to make a smooth as possible start a reality.

All management, teaching and auxiliary staff has been invited to go to their schools in order to ascertain their status and needs and be able to plan moving forward.

All efforts will be made to get all our students back to school as soon as possible. Schools, which are deemed ready before October 2nd, will start soon as they are able.

Minister Jacobs thanks all stakeholders who have put their personal lives and circumstances on hold to be able to assist in making the necessary strategic plans to be able to get our students, teachers, management and staff back to school.


Source: 721 News