Six civil registrars take the oath before the judge

GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) – Acting head of the Civil Registry Department Kathy Snijders, accompanied six staff members to the Court of First Instance last week Wednesday where they were sworn in as Civil Registrars.

The oath carried out by Judge A.J. J. van Rijen, ensured during the ceremony that all six understood their responsibility and how that responsibility should be executed.

Taking of the oath allows the department to work efficiently as the appointment will allow designated staff to function in various capacities as the department strives to improve to the quality and standards of the civil Registrars.

The Civil Registry Department falls under the Ministry of General Affairs.

PHOTO CUTLINE: Standing from left: Civil Registrars Ginell Anthonij, Keishan Huggins, Angelica Granger-Haverkamp Bergmann, Judge A.J.J. van Rijen, Civil Registrars Jaime Williams, Vanicer Thomas and Monique Woods-Hughes.

Source: 721 news Six civil registrars take the oath before the judge