Soggy Dollar Bar Joins forces with Rio Productions at the Lighted Parade 2016

SIMPSONBAY, Sint Maarten -–Famous Bar/ Night Club Soggy Dollar Bar will be joining forces with Rio Productions, and is going to form an integral part of the Rio Lighted Parade that will take place on April 9th 2016.

With the participation of Soggy Dollar Bar, the 2016 parade will grow exponentially as more revelers will now be able to join. The parade will not only become longer this year, it will also be more diverse. Soggy Dollar Bar will be adding new elements to the lighted parade, and revelers can expect performances of the very best local DJ’s, and a band wagon fully equipped with video screens, animations and most amazing light features as never seen before.

It is for those very reasons that President of Rio Productions, Ms. Brenda Wathey is very happy and exited about this new partnership. “Soggy Dollar Bar participated during J’ouvert Morning in 2015, and I was completely stunned by their appearance. Amazing sounds, spectacular light effects & animations, a new & different crowd and a very fun loving atmosphere. The first thing that was going trough my mind was: ‘Rio needs to team up with Soggy for the 2016 parade’.

I’ve reached out to the owner of Soggy, Mr. Kurt Luckert, and all details where worked out in a rapid pace, which resulted in an official partnership for 2016. Mrs. Wathey continued: ‘it have always been our vision to further expand the parade by continually adding new elements to it, and become the best organized and most professional Carnival Night Parade in the Caribbean Region. By this partnership, and also the introduction of Costumes to the 2016 parade, we are definitely on the right track”.

Everyone that is interested in participation is invited to the official Costume Launch on Saturday, January 30th 2016 – 9PM at Soggy Dollar Bar. Admittance is free. More information to be found on the Rio Productions web page:

Source: 721 news Soggy Dollar Bar Joins forces with Rio Productions at the Lighted Parade 2016