St. Maarten student win honors for Holland in nursing competition


>Source: Teen Times Facebook page

>HOLLAND — St. Maarten nursing student Latiesha Richardson has won honors for the Netherlands in the annual Shanghai International Nursing Skills Competition held on November 17. She won second-place honors, giving the Netherlands its first placing in 8 years at the competition.

Living and studying in The Netherlands in her 3rd year of her nursing studies and former student of the Milton Peters College, Latiesha was accepted to take part in the 2018 nursing student exchange program in Shanghai. This student exchange program consisted of a total of 15 students of both the ROC Zadkine College as well as The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Nursing programs.

Latiesha was given the opportunity to do her internship in the Zhoupu Hospital and follow classes based on Traditional Chinese Medicine given in the Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences affiliated with the Zhoupu Hospital. The aim of these classes were to give the nursing students knowledge of a different variety of medicine that is very popular in the Chinese community.

From the selected 15 students that took part in this international nursing student exchange program. Latiesha was one of the two selected to represent The Netherlands. On November 17, 2018 Latiesha won second place in the competition which consisted of 34 international teams. The theme for this years’ competition was “Better Care, Better Life -Promoting Nursing Practice in Chronic Conditions.”

The preparations for this competition began in the Netherlands in October 2018. The participants got the opportunity to practice on what was to be expected from them and get acquainted with American protocols which vary for Dutch students in certain aspects.

Latiesha said she felt humbled and was pleased to be a part of this wonderful and learning experience that not only made her and her team happy to place second, But this also created international possibilities for her future endeavors during her studies. “One step in the right direction can change the trajectory of your entire life. Tip toe if you must but take that step”.

She extend a word of thanks to her school in Holland, the host country China and most of all her supporting parents Natasha Vanterpool and Leslie Richardson and her entire family and friends on St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Holland.

Every year teachers and students from all over the world come together under the guidance and leadership of the Chinese and American nursing faculties. Whereas the international nursing students get the opportunity to display their nursing knowledge and techniques on simulated patients in realistic situations, as well as their English language skills.

The contest is basically intended to demonstrate and sharpen the nursing competition skills of the contestants. This annual event is to bring awareness of nursing care and to promote the improvement of nursing vocational education in China and abroad.

Source: 721 News