St. Maarten to participate in Inter-Insel Air School Sports

PHILIPSBURG – For the first time, St. Maarten has been invited to participate in the Inter-Insel Air School Sports competition.

Minister of Sports Silveria Jacobs told the media Wednesday, February 24, that this competition provides opportunities for student athletes in St. Maarten to compete on a regional level.

A team of elementary school basketballers and a secondary school level female volleyball team will be leaving the island on March 10, to participate in the competition.

“The Department (of Sports) sees that this is great opportunity of not only developing school sports, promoting team spirit and participation and pride in oneself, but also to provide the opportunity to the student athletes to participate on a regional level,” Minister Jacobs said at Wednesday’s Council of Ministers press conference.

The local school competitions are ongoing and the schools that will be selected to represent St. Maarten will be announced after these competitions are held. Meanwhile, Jacobs disclosed that the Sports Department is compiling a sports calendar, which will be available at the beginning of March.

Also soon to be implemented is the Secondary Inter-Scholastic Olympiad featuring five sports: volleyball, track and field, basketball, football and swimming. Eight swimmers will also be representing St. Maarten in Martinique in a swimming competition, as St. Maarten’s Aquatic Association is now a member of the International Swimming Federation (ISF).

Source: 721 news St. Maarten to participate in Inter-Insel Air School Sports