Stern warning for having small amount of drugs


Source Today Newspaper

GREAT BAY – The Court in First Instance sentenced Xavier Jovani Dulorme on Wednesday November 23 to a 2-month conditional prison sentence for the possession of small quantities of cocaine and marijuana.

The 23-year old defendant did not appear in court and his case was handled in his absence. Dulorme was caught in a control by the multi-disciplinary team on October 12. Officers smelled marijuana in his car, obtained permission to search the vehicle and found not only the drugs but also $600 and €323 in cash.

The prosecutor considered the facts proven and demanded a 4-month prison sentence, with 2 months conditional, 3 years of probation, and confiscation of the money.

Attorney Geert Hatzmann noted that his client is not a dealer and that the amount of money found is not shocking. “He says that he just sold a scooter. That could very well be true, we don’t know. I do not see why he should go back to prison for this. One month conditional is more than enough.”

The attorney asked the court to return the money to his client because it has not been established that the cash is drugs-related.

The court agreed that there is no dealer indication and ordered the prosecution to return the money to the defendant. “He deserves a stern warning, but there is no point imposing community service because he lives on the French side.”

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Source: 721 News Stern warning for having small amount of drugs