SZV scores ‘marginal’ in customer satisfaction survey 

PHILIPSBURG – In September 2015, Social and Health Insurances SZV launched an independent customer satisfaction survey amongst its customers, employers, key stakeholders and the general public.

The survey was conducted by consultant Julio R. Romney. The aim was to obtain objective insight into the customer service experiences and feedback for improvements. The survey results were presented in January of this year to management of SZV. Data from over 1,200 respondents were collected and feedback analyzed. The findings translated into “a marginal achievement in the delivery of social and health care schemes,” a confirmation of the necessary actions as stipulated in SZV’s 2015-2018 Strategic Plan.

“We are currently ‘sufficient,’ but we can and will perform much better. SZV is truly dedicated to making the necessary steps to improve the quality of services and expertise we provide to our customers. It is imperative that we serve the community of St. Maarten to the best of our capabilities and exceed expectations. We understand our responsibility and take this seriously,” stated Interim Director of SZV Glen A. Carty.

Respondents were “satisfied” to “fairly satisfied” with the available insurance schemes and services provided, the premium costs, reimbursement of out of pocket costs, access to healthcare services and complaint management system. Respondents were “neutral” on the topics of medical referrals, daily allowance and process time of daily allowances. SZV’s telephone accessibility and training resources for healthcare service providers were some of the topics that scored poor on performance.

The survey results also included several recommendations based on the respondent’s feedback, such as; staff in-service training, dental and eye coverage, improved registration process, wider range of medication coverage and customer care services at home.

“The feedback and recommendations are important, we need them to assess our services and improve where we can directly. However, many insured by SZV do not know what they are insured for, or understand that our services are dictated by the laws of Country St. Maarten. In order to best service our customers we must simultaneously educate them on their rights and obligations. Moving forward we will be making a bigger effort to educate our customers and the general public of their rights and obligations. You can expect to see ‘more of SZV’ beyond the walls of our offices,” commented Carty.

SZV has recently introduced “feedback kiosks” available at their offices, which enables customers and visitors to continuously give feedback, compliments and also register complaints digitally. The feedback kiosks are available at the Customer Care Center and Pension Department. Feedback may be given on all departments of SZV. This feedback system is meant to replace the paper feedback forms where customers would have to hand-write their complaints on a form that they could discuss with a Customer Care representative, leave at the Customer Care counter or in the feedback drop box.

Customers and visitors are encouraged to make use of the kiosks as the input provided will enable the organization to measure actions towards the improvement of the customer service experience.

Photo caption: The kiosk consists of 2 parts; a multiple choice survey related to the general experience/service the customer received and an area where the customer can submit an actual complaint, suggestion or compliment related to the specific department. It is a touch screen kiosk with a built-in keyboard (to type).

Source: 721 news SZV scores ‘marginal’ in customer satisfaction survey