Tires on dump deliberately set on fire

dump tire on fire PHILIPSBURG – Once more the garbage dump was on fire. This time, unknown persons deliberately set fire to tires on the dump, which caused thick black smoke to billow and blow west of the pond.

Police and the fire truck were called in to assist with the traffic to the dump, and to help put out the fire.

The Team who oversees the dump have been working since after 5:00am to bring the fire under control. The fire continued to burn past 8:00am.

It is expected that those in charge of the dump will file another official complaint at the detective department.

sxm island time 1 tires on fire
Source: 721 News Tires on dump deliberately set on fire


  1. Yeah right, every time a big fire occurs on the dump: it’s someone else’s fault. It;s the fault of all previous Governments including ALL parties going back to when the Dump was relocated from Back Bay to in the middle of our precious Salt Pond. William, Sarah, Theo, Frans no one has the political balls to deal with this situation with the interest of the people of St. Martin at heart! Shame on you! Shame, shame, shame.