UPDATE: Coast Guard intercepts boat suspected with drugs


~House Search in Cay Bay~

CAPE BAY – Authorities are remaining tight-lipped on the arrest of 3 Latino persons, who were arrested in the early morning hours, during a drug bust by the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard.

Some people from Cape Bay told 721news that police presence was in Cape Bay, and a house was searched. It’s not clear if Police found anything or if any items were confiscated.

Police, Coast Guard and Prosecutor’s Office are remaining tight-lipped on this operation.

Earlier our newsroom reported:

That on Sunday morning, January 22, after 11:00am police and Customs vehicles were seen driving towards Coast Guard headquarters in Simpson Bay, at a high speed.

It is presumed that the Coast Guard had intercepted a boat containing drugs.

721news contacted the Coast Guard, but they did not want to release any information as yet. Eyewitnesses in Simpson Bay told our newsroom that 3 people were seen being brought in by the Coast Guard, and a heavy bag was removed from the boat registration number SX-4221, in Sint Maarten.

The arresting team was also involved in escorting the vehicles with the suspects, and what is presumed to be drugs, to the Police station in Philipsburg.

A boat was seen on the Coast Guard lift, and it is presumed that this is the boat where the suspects were arrested, and alleged drugs were found.


Source: 721 News https://721news.com/top-story/coast-guard-intercepts-boat-suspected-drugs/