UTS receives top honors


~ Vote of confidence from customers ~

UTS extends its sincere appreciation for the voting result of The Daily Herald Best of 2016 readers’ poll. The operator was selected for the #1 spot in the category of telecommunication providers. To celebrate and thank loyal customers for making UTS their provider of choice, the company will make multiple offers available effective today. CaribServe customers will receive a discount on their upcoming bill for broadband internet service and Chippie Mobile internet users will get additional mobile internet access.

“We want to thank our customers for the honor bestowed upon us. We realize you have a choice when selecting a telecommunication provider and thank you for the privilege to be able to serve you during 2016 and look forward to continuing to provide our customers with the best possible service in 2017,” said UTS Marketing and Communication Officer Ivy Lambert. “We recognize the vital role that telecommunication has in our day-to-day lives and take this responsibility very seriously. To go through our day-to-day activities without telecommunication is unthinkable. Our aim is to provide the most reliable communication services possible to allow our customers to continue their business uninterrupted. We put great effort into developing and expanding our networks and services to be able to provide this to our customers,” Lambert continued.

2016 year of development

During 2016, UTS put its entire force behind the development of the best possible networks and products for its customers. The company had the distinction of being the only mobile operator offering 4G LTE service when it launched this service in 2015, and continued the momentum by expanding and enhancing its mobile coverage on St. Maarten, Saint Martin Saba and St. Eustatius.

A billing system upgrade and introduction of new mobile service plans were also great contributors to the development of the mobile service portfolio, allowing for more of everything. More flexibility, more options, more control over mobile service. The company also expanded heavily on the broadband internet front, allowing the provider to offer offering higher broadband internet speeds at better prices. This was done with the implementation of newer wireless broadband solutions and further expansion of its fiber infrastructure.

With top of the line networks and the right plans the UTS staff is excited bring St. Maarten the best customer service experience in telecom. UTS CEO Glen Carty stated: “I am very proud to be part of the team that is the engine behind the number 1 telecom company of the island. We are a small team and work with passion and dedication to our number one: the customer. We worked hard in 2016 and we are happy that our customers recognize our growth as a company. Our networks and plans were designed with the customer in mind. 2017 will bring more promotions, more events, more fun and our full focus on customer service,” Carty continued.

What’s in store for 2017

“What will be noticeable right away is the gestures to show our appreciation to our customers. To thank our CaribServe customers for their loyalty throughout 2016, they will receive a 15% discount on their next bill,” said Lambert. “Our mobile customers will also have a great bonus. Our prepaid Chippie customers that activate our 4G LTE mobile internet service this week will receive an extra 2Gigabytes of data capacity, allowing them to surf, stream and app even longer. Our postpaid Chippie customers that have our new 3-in-1 bundle plans will also get an additional 2 gigabytes of data free on their monthly plan. This is our way of saying thank you right away,” Lambert said. These offers will be available to UTS customers on St. Maarten, Saint Martin, Saba and St. Eustatius.

“In the longer term our UTS customers will also notice a shift in our way of doing business. 2017 is a year of renewed focus on the person who matters to us most: Our customer. We are constantly learning and growing as a company and recognize the importance of raising the bar in the interest of our clients. Our redeveloped mobile plans allow increased flexibility and choices according to the customers’ specific needs. No more one-size-fits-all solutions, but rather a choice of plans that offer the flexibility to use your device exactly how it suits you. Whether you’re looking for a low-commitment solution or if you’re a heavy user that spends hours daily using your phone; we have a plan to suit your needs. We are also increasing our availability by investing in new technologies and adding additional methods of communicating with us. Social media is another phenomenon that is unmissable nowadays, so it’s a logical choice to reach out to our customers that way and make it easier for our customers to reach us as well,” Lambert concluded.

Source: 721 News https://721news.com/local-news/uts-receives-top-honors/