*VIDEO* Pickup slammed thru the Simpsonbay bridge boom

PORT ST. MAARTEN – The Simpson Bay Bridge remains fully operational after an accident involving a white truck that took place during a special bridge opening at 6.00am on Sunday morning, January 10, the Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority, a company of Port St. Maarten Group of Companies said on Sunday.

The white truck heading in the direction of Cole Bay from Simpson Bay Village, drove through the red stop light and boom while the bridge deck was opening.  Half of the truck ended up hanging over the end of the deck.

Truck on bridge deck-001It was removed by authorities and bridge operations continued as normal early Sunday morning.  The boom was replaced with a new one and after a preliminary inspection for further damages, the all clear was given and bridge operations continued.  Additional evaluation will take place.

The accident is under police investigation.

The bridge opening at 6.00am was to allow a fishing boat to depart the Lagoon on a fishing expedition.

The removal of the truck took a few minutes and the fishing boat left at 7.00am.

simpsonbay bridge Pick UP 640x360


Source: 721 news *VIDEO* Pickup slammed thru the Simpsonbay bridge boom