Well-known broadcaster Samuel Allen Jr flown to Dominican Republic for medical treatment

Preparations were made to fly him to the Dominican Republic today for further treatment. He has been unconscious since the attack.

Many of Allen’s family members, friends and press colleagues gathered at the hospital since Wednesday to give support to his wife Brenda and to await news of his condition.

They followed his gurney out to the ambulance when it was time for him to be taken to the airport.

His wife was not allowed to travel with him to the Dominican Republic, because there was no space in the air-ambulance. She will leave tomorrow, Saturday, weather permitting.

Her being unable to accompany him means Allen does not have his next to kin close by for medical decisions.

Allen’s case strongly underscores the medical dilemma faced by many patients who are flown overseas for treatment without family support.

This case also highlights the urgent need for St. Maarten to have a new hospital with the capacity to treat all common conditions without the need to fly patients elsewhere.

721news would like to thank Mr Glen Carty, Prime Minister William Marin, Minister of Health Mr Emile Lee, Dr. Winter, Mr Ramsis Dennaoui from SZV and all SZV, SMMC ER/ICU staff. Thank you for you all support and involvement to make sure all paperwork could have been proses fast enough to get him out for advance medical treatment in Dom. Rep.

We from the media would like to ask the public to join us in a Prayer for the full recovery of our colleague Samuel Allen. 

Samuel Allen Jr 2

Samuel Allen Jr 3

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Source: 721 News Well-known broadcaster Samuel Allen Jr flown to Dominican Republic for medical treatment


  1. Same question: again, why publishing a photo of a seriously ill person on the stretcher entering the emergency?

    Why is the director of the hospital not taking measures to stop people from taking photos there which then later published in the news?

    I wouldn’t be surprised that it might be everytime the same person taking these photos. Ambulance personal and security guards should be easily able to identify that person.

    This person taking these pictures for publishing them later by the media should be banned from the hospital grounds, and should be ashamed of himself for this dogisting behaviour.

    Stop exposing individuals which cannot or are not able to express their wish, not able to fight back or not being able to defend themselves in that moment!!!

    Hospital management and media MUST come together for establishing an ethical agreement on the protection of personal rights of emergency patients.