Mullet Bay Ansary donates 1 milion dollars to Jeb Bush Campaign

maybe he can drop some of that money onto the Golf Course!

Sad Things Happening in Mullet Bay

Something very sad is going on in Mullet Bay. Here at Caribbean International Academy in Cupecoy, we try to instill in our students a...

GEBE fuel clause when will it go away?

Since the price of crude is at an all time low, when would GEBE remove the Fuel Clause? What is the excuse to keep the...

Elections Sept are they happening or not?

Who believes that the elections will actually take place during September?

SXM needs own air service from core markets

The BVI just announced this week that their BVI Airways will start air service between Miami and Beef Island (Tortola) starting in the fall...

New Hospital?

Why build a new hospital when we can't even afford to run the current one without a deficit! https://www.sxm-talks.com/today-sxm/no-concrete-plans-for-new-hospital/

Guns on SXM

Too many guns on SXM!!!! https://www.sxm-talks.com/the-daily-herald/police-confiscate-gun-during-routine-patrol/      

Salary of Members of Parliament

Currently MP's in the Kingdom earn: MP's of SXM earn approx. USD 10.000 per month MP's of Holland earn approx. USD 7.500 per month Not sure what...

Christmas was boring

Testing this on Sunday is great :)

Saba is over-subsidized

Test the create your own news feature.

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