Caribserve/UTS horrible service

I used to be a happy Caribserve customer. Sure, they charge a lot for just 2 Mbit/sec, but at least it used to work. After Roy Richardson sold Caribserve to UTS it seriously went downhill.
It seems UTS doesn’t have the skilled technicians nor do they want to hire any skilled technician to fix the problem of their network. You know how it is; if you pay peanuts you get monkeys!

How is it that we still pay 500 times more (!!!) than in the civilized world for comparable internet bandwidth but have the coconut bandwidth. If any at all…

When you call the helpdesk, you get the welcome message that “you are important to us…” and then the line just rings and rings… and rings. No boidy ever answers.
I can understand; because what is the “help”desk going to tell you? That as a customer you are right; “We from Caribserve suck, because we have monkeybrains for technicians and we have no clue how to fix our problem. Next to that, we really do NOT care about you. You just need to pay, and pay, so that we get rich over your sorry back.

If you go with your car to the gas station and you pay for 50 liters of gas but you only get 5 liters, would you say; “Oh well, that’s fine. I will not complain. Perhaps tomorrow I get 8 liters for the pricew of 50”.
Well, I do complain. And so should you. Call Caribserve or go to their office and DEMAND that you get the bandwidth that you are paying (way too much) for. And until Caribserve/UTS fixes the problem, simply don’t pay, or suspend your subscription and go to the compettitor. And write an article to the newspaper about their horrible service.
I propse that the newspaper (including should have a separate section were we can complain (or hail) about the SXM internet no-service providers.

SXM Islander


  1. Your complaint is duly noted sir/madam and am sure UTS/Caribserve is taking note as several company officials subscribe to the site and our FB page.

    In the meantime, this section (Create Your Own News) can be used for exactly the above reason: to highlight grievances, incorrect service (or non service) in an attempt to create change. Keep posting!