Commending Minister Meyers on GEBE solar decision and Challenging Roy to act.

First of all I would like to coomend Minister Meyers for giving GEBE a deadline in regards to doing something about renewable energy.

The truth is that PM Marlin, MP Lake and former MP Marlin, now Board President and MP Wescott at some point have spoken in favor of solar power and other renewable energy.  The new head of the board former MP Roy Marlin went even further by drafting legislation when he was last in parlament,  so the deadline of 8/15 should be very easy to meet, all he needs to do is find the drawer in which the document was thrown in and ignored by all MPs and factions.

Let’s hope this is not just political noise prior to the next election but actually a real move.  We all know the benefits of embracing solar but once again let me higlight a few I mentioned on my 2 letters to GEBE management and board and to the head of VROMI that went unaswered and ignored back in December 2015:

-It is good for the enviorment.

-By embracing and stimulating micro production from the clients that invest in solar the clients are the ones making the investment on the infrastructure instead of GEBE.  All GEBE has to do is use the new digital meters to determine how much they would like to pay for the excess energy produced by these clients.

-Job creation.  The solar industry can create jobs for the economy by incentivizing young professionls to go into the solar instalation business since there would be a new demand for it.

-Provide an incentive program of rebates for clients deciding to invest in solar energy this will result in immediate results for those that have been considering making the move but were afraid since they knew that until today GEBE persecutes and penalizes solar clients instead of embracing them.

Roy please show the island that it was not just talk and that it can be done if we all work with the same goal in mind.