Criminal complaints being filed against Mr. Saro Spadaro, Resort of the World and associated persons and companies of the Maho Real Estate Empire

After the recent run in of Mr. F. Corallo with the police and prosecution authorities, it seems that now their attention will be focused on his “neighbor”, Mr. (Saro) Spadaro, owner of the entire Maho area. Mr. Spadaro is making use of the disastrous Hurricane Irma to proceed against the tenants at the Maho area with total disregard of the laws of St. Maarten. He seems to be acting in an authoritarian way, taking the law into his own hands, in what one has described as a “Mad Max style”. In this respect the adagio “Never let a good crisis go to waste” is taken to heart by Mr. Spadaro.
One incident that has been reported (all proof seems already underway to the prosecutor’s office) concerns Mr. Spadaro waiting for one of the tenants at the Maho area to temporarily leave the island, after which he gave instructions to enter and change the locks of the leased commercial location. Upon return of the tenant, the tenant was refused entry into his leased location, with all his possessions inside. The possessions of the tenant were illegally appropriated by Mr. Spadaro. This is one of the many incidents of criminal behavior reported. It concerns in particular violation of articles 2:65 (illegal entry of premises in use by another, 1 year imprisonment), 2:288 (theft, 4 years imprisonment) and 2:298 (misappropriation, 3 years imprisonment) of the Criminal Code of St. Maarten.

With the crackdown of authorities on criminal behavior of politicians, civil servant and (semi) government officials in St. Maarten, in particular also where it concerns so-called “private acts”, it may now be expected that police and prosecution officials of St. Maarten (Team Bestrijding Ondermijning) will also focus on criminal acts by the extremely wealthy business people of St. Maarten. Perhaps these investigations will also focus on how for example the Maho owners came to own this most prized government land at the Maho area for almost nothing, while subsequently subleasing it or renting out spaces for extremely high rents, and, as it now turns out, not even respecting the laws of St. Maarten in the process.


More information will be reported as it comes in